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Main article: RL Python Samples.

Demo Video


Popcorn Script Creator can be used to easily manage particle emit time and loop status. User can drag/drop the list items to change the emit order, set delay time for emit, set loop status or set the custom life cycle for each particle. Press the Apply button to deploy the particles to the scene and apply the custom settings.

Course Prerequisites

You should familiarize yourself with the following fundamental articles before you proceed:

Link Purpose
Table View Create a table view -suitable for listing similar objects.
Tree View Create tree view -suitable for listing hierarchical objects.
Plugin Window Boilerplate for creating proper plugin user interfaces.
Loading PFX Learn how to load PopcornFX files by name.
Handling JSON Learn to load and parse JSON data that is saved to file.

Learn How to

  • Use PopcornFX related API.
  • Handle AP event callbacks to update UI.
  • Use Python dictionary to store settings for each particle.

Required Files

  • PopcornFX Sequencer and Extensions Python script files.
  • Installed PopcornFX particles, either from embed or content packs.

Usage Instructions

Code Flow

APIs Used

You can research the following references for the APIs deployed in this code.