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This is the index page of Reallusion Content Development Wiki.

iClone (IC)

Article: IC Avatar Collision Shapes
Information on the foundational structure of the avatar collision shapes.

Character Creator (CC)

Developers can design their own character content, and apply them to fully-rigged character bases.

Content Specification

Article: CC Content Spec
Get information about the CC content specification and categorization. Find out what CC content specification is all about and Character Creator component types.

Asset Creation

Article: CC Assets
Learn how to create garments, shoes, gloves, hair, and accessories for Character Creator. Includes information about preparation, production, and submission.

Avatar Body

Article: CC Avatars
Learn to create morphs for the character's head and body. Includes information about preparation, production, submission, and publishing.

Learning Center

Article: CC Learning Center
Learn how to use Character Creator efficiently. Includes basic to professional learning resources and forum discussions.

Daz / Poser to CC

Article: Daz to CC
Learn resources for Daz & Poser developers who want to familiarize themselves with the Character Creator conversion process and make the most out of Daz & Poser content inside CC.

Commercialization Kit

Article: Commercialization Kit
Some materials for better visualization of your artwork and content. Includes characters poses, lit projects, and goodies such as mirror floor.

Cartoon Animator (CTA, CrazyTalk Animator)

CrazyTalk Animator 3 now provides a fully functional PSD in-and-out solution to not only help 2D Animators, but also Graphic Designers by saving lots of time on character creation and animated content development.

Content Specification

Article: CTA Content Spec
Learn about CTA contents such as character, actor, head, body, accessory, animation , scene, and prop.

Asset Creation

Article: CTA Assets
Learn to create CTA actors, props, accessories, hair, and motions.

Learning Center

Article: CTA Learning Center
Learn how to use CrazyTalk Animator efficiently with the online user manual, various tutorials, and forum discussion.

Store Uploader

Article: CTA Uploader
Learn to use the Uploader software to submit your CTA content for the Marketplace.

CrazyTalk (CT)

3D Head (.RLHead) can be created from a 2D image/photo natively by using the CrazyTalk 8 Pipeline, while the actor, clothing, hair and accessory are converted from iClone/Character Creator 3D assets. Therefore, please learn how to create 3D contents in Character Creator first, and then bring the contents back to CrazyTalk 8 Pipeline to save them as CT contents.

Content Specification

Article: CT Content Spec
Learn about content CT content specification for head, actor, body, cloth, hair, and accessories.

Developer Resources

Developer Resource
Learn useful tricks such as creating the 3D head from 2D image and photos by using the the CrazyTalk 8 Pipeline and converting iClone and Character Creator 3D assets to actor, cloth, hair, and accessory.

Submission Guide

Submission Guide
Learn to publish content to the Marketplace via the Uploader.