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*Completion in CC
*Completion in CC
[[Content_Dev: Scan_to_CC3+_Asset_Preparation|Scan to CC3+ (Asset Preparation)]]<br>
#[[Content_Dev: Scan_to_CC3+_Asset_Preparation|Asset Preparation]]<br>
[[Content_Dev: Scan_to_CC3+_Wrap_Procedures|Scan to CC3+ (Wrap Procedures)]]<br>
#[[Content_Dev: Scan_to_CC3+_Wrap_Procedures|Wrap Procedures]]<br>
[[Content_Dev: Scan_to_CC3+_Preparation in Maya|Scan to CC3+ (Preparation in Maya)]]<br>
#[[Content_Dev: Scan_to_CC3+_Preparation in Maya|Preparation in Maya]]<br>
[[Content_Dev: Scan_to_CC3+_Completion_in_CC|Scan to CC3+ (Completion in CC)]]
#[[Content_Dev: Scan_to_CC3+_Completion_in_CC|Completion in CC]]
! scope="row" |Face Topology Guide<br>(CC3.3+)
! scope="row" |Face Topology Guide<br>(CC3.3+)

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Main article: Character Creator.

Introduction & Preparation

The following documents can help you to get started on the CC content creation process:

Resource Purpose Link
Avatar Morph Introduction Basic knowledge and concept of CC Content:
  • Morph Related Content Specification
  • Base vs Derivative Morph Sliders
  • Content Pricing
CC Avatar Morph Introduction

Content Production

Resource Purpose Link
Morph Creation
(After 3.0)
Your guide to creating custom morphs for CC post version 3.0.
  • Resetting the Morphs
  • Adjusting in 3rd Party Application
  • Creating New Morph Sliders
CC Morph Creation 3.0
Morph Creation
(Before 3.0)
Your guide to creating custom morphs for CC prior to version 3.0.
  • Starting out
  • Creating the morph target
  • Common problems
CC Morph Creation
Morph Creation
(Instruction Videos)
Various videos to kick-start the production process.
  • Designing a Base Mesh for CC
  • Customizing a 3D Body in Zbrush & Blender
CC Process Videos
Scan to CC3+ A guide to converting scan models to CC3+.
  • Preparation
  • Wrap Procedure
  • Post-processing in Maya
  • Completion in CC
  1. Asset Preparation
  2. Wrap Procedures
  3. Preparation in Maya
  4. Completion in CC
Face Topology Guide
Suggestions and precautions for face mesh topology on the topic of structure, placement and edge-loops.
  • Major Regions
  • Symmetry
  • Optimizing the Model for Animation
CC Face Topology Guide
Body Topology Guide
Suggestions and precautions for body mesh topology on the topic of structure, placement and edge-loops.
  • Major Features
  • Crucial Regions
  • Crucial Bends
CC Body Topology Guide
Avatar Head Presets Learn about the powerful Avatar Preset format able to swap heads seamlessly between different body types.
  • Saving and Deploying Avatar Presets
  • Head and Body Color Blend
CC Avatar Head Preset
RTL System Learn to configure Avatars to look great under the Real-time lighting system.
  • RTL vs Standard Visuals
  • Key RTL Settings
CC RTL Character System

Submission & Publishing

Use the following resources to facilitate the submission process:

Resource Purpose Link
Publication Guide Everything you need to learn about, create, and publish your character morphs
  • Slider Thumbnail Templates
  • Converting to Sellable Format via Character Creator
  • Upload Content via Uploader
  • Selling on the Marketplace
  • End User Simulation
CC Avatar Morph Submission