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Major Features

Cc body regions body copy.png

The body mesh consists of several major regions that need to be in proper place in order to achieve precise animation and texturing. The following texture files are provided as a way to diagnose the various features of the body topology. These textures should be applied to the diffuse/base color channel for the corresponding material of the body.

Preview Material for Application Download Link
Cc uv preview body.png Body Material (Std_Skin_Body) File:Body_S.jpg
Cc uv preview arms.png Arms Material (Std_Skin_Arm) File:Arm_S.jpg
Cc uv preview legs.png Legs Material (Std_Skin_Leg) File:Leg_S.jpg

Crucial Regions

  • Nipple: outlined in orange.
  • Areola: light green area.
  • Breast: dark green area.
  • Inframammary Fold: light green line (under the breasts).
  • Cc body regions chest.png
  • Cc body regions chest female.png
  • Navel: light green area (belly button).

Textures of the belly button should be mapped here.

  • Crotch: between the teal lines (private parts).

Textures of the crotch should be projected within the lines indicated for this region.

  • Ankles: light green area.
  • Cc body regions navel.png
  • Cc body regions crotch.png
  • Cc body regions ankle.png

Crucial Bends

  • Elbows: red regions.

The form of the elbow should continue to jut out when the arms are bent. The textures for the point of the elbows should also be match these areas.

  • Cc body bends elbow 01.png
  • Cc body bends elbow 02.png
  • Shoulders: red regions.

Shoulders should remain rounded when the arms are down by the sides.

  • Cc body bends shoulder 01.png
  • Cc body bends shoulder 02.png
  • Knees: red regions.

The form of the knees should continue to jut out when the legs are bent.

  • Cc body bends knees 01.png
  • Cc body bends knees 02.png
  • Fingers: red regions.

Joints of the fingers should not flatten when the they are bent. Finger joint textures should also match these areas.

  • Cc body bends fingers 01.png
  • Cc body bends fingers 02.png
  • Cc body bends fingers 03.png

Crucial Folds

  • Thighs: red lines.

Junction between the thighs and the torso.

  • Cc body bends thigh 01.png
  • Cc body bends thigh 02.png

  • Buttocks: red lines.

Crease between the buttocks and the thighs.

  • Male
  • Female
  • Crook of the arms: red lines.

The fold between the forearm and upper arm.

  • Knee-pit: red lines.

The fold between the buttocks and the back of the thighs.

  • Cc body creases crook arm 01.png
  • Cc body creases crook arm 02.png
  • Cc body creases kneepit.png