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Main article: CC Avatar.

Real-time lighting character system aims to improve upon the look of the standard avatars by augmenting skin and eye materials. While the standard avatar may be exceptionally pleasing to the eyes when equipped with PBR materials under image based lighting, it may also lack the same visual spark when put under a non-PBR environment. RTL Character System aims to fix this deficiency with a few clever tweaks to key areas of the avatar. With some practice, you may also adopt some of these techniques to enhance your own set of characters for the traditional lighting model.

RTL vs Standard Visuals

RTL eyes tend to possess more liveliness under the legacy lighting setup. PBR eyes can seem dead when no IBL is present in the scene while RTL can still glitter with a minimal light setup.

RTL Eye Comparison.png

RTL skin shaders come loaded with a glow map that is a direct duplicate of the Base Color/Diffuse map. By default the effect is turned off, but with a simple adjustment in the Glow Strength settings, one can quickly notice a warming of the skin material. Even a tiny increment of 3% is enough to create a look of fake sub-surface scattering effect.

RTL Skin Comparison.png

Key RTL Settings

The skin material has the following differences:

  • RTL skin has a duplicate color map in the Glow channel with initial intensity of 0%.
  • RTL skin has no Ambient Occlusion map.
RTL Skin Shader Comparison.png

The eye material has the following differences:

  • RTL eye has a duplicate color map in the Glow channel.
  • RTL eye has a Blend map with initial intensity of 0%.
RTL Eye Shader Comparison.png

The cornea traditional material has the following differences:

  • RTL eye does not have Diffuse and AO textures.
  • RTL eye has a Reflection texture with initial intensity of 10%.
RTL Cornea Shader Comparison.png

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