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Developers can design their own character content and apply them to fully-rigged character bases for Character Creator.

Content Specification

Article: CC Content Spec
Get information about the CC content specification and categorization. Find out what CC content specification is all about and Character Creator component types.

Asset Creation

Article: CC Assets
Learn how to create garments, shoes, gloves, hair, and accessories for Character Creator. Includes information about preparation, production, and submission.

Avatar Body

Article: CC Avatars
Learn to create morphs for the character's head and body. Includes information about preparation, production, submission, and publishing.

Learning Center

Article: CC Learning Center
Learn how to use Character Creator efficiently. Includes basic to professional learning resources and forum discussions.

Daz / Poser to CC

Article: Daz to CC
Learn resources for Daz & Poser developers who want to familiarize themselves with the Character Creator conversion process and make the most out of Daz & Poser content inside CC.

Commercialization Kit

Article: Commercialization Kit
Some materials for better visualization of your artwork and content. Includes characters poses, lit projects, and goodies such as mirror floor.