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CC Avatar Presets (Skin & Morph) contains character morph and texture data. It can be applied to the entire body or just to the head with the option to leave out either the morphs or the textures. Users will have the option to blend the diffuse map of the body to match that of the 3D Head AvatarPreset when applied. However, one would still need to manually adjust the other materials channels if the head and body materials do not match. In order for CC Avatar Preset to function properly, matching head and body morph sliders should be present in \Template\AvatarControl.

Avatar Presets do not come with matching eyes and teeth; please load these separately for the right fit. If the character's eyes do not come to a complete close when shut, one must check for a custom facial animation profile that should have been provided with the original content. Under most cases, dragging this 3dxFaceProfile onto the avatar will rectify problems with the upper/lower eyelid morph targets.

Saving and Deploying Avatar Presets

You can save an avatar head preset in Character Creator by navigating to:

Content > Base > Skin & Morph > Head (Folder)

and pressing the + button below.

Avatar Head Preset Saving.png

In the subsequent pop-up window makes sure to save the content type as Head:

Select Actor Preset Type.png

After it has been saved, you switch to an entirely different character and apply the head preset by double clicking on it in the Content panel.

Avatar Head Preset Application.png

Make sure that Apply Texture > Apply Head Color to Body is activated to take advantage of the auto-blend feature in Character Creator.

Head and Body Color Blend

  • Head and body Base Color blend is an automatic attempt to blend the hue of the body with that of the head.

Auto-blend only supports Base Color, so manual blend will be required for the other channels such as Roughness and Normal when necessaries.

  • Color blending is designed to work with the base character color texture so perform your blend tests with the standard characters. Any other custom color texture may cause issues with the blending operation. For example, darker skin tones are incompatible with this operation.
  • Avatar Preset only saves the bone positioning for the eyes and teeth. If one would like to save the size as well, then we recommend selling the eyes and teeth with the Preset.

Technology Behind the Scenes

The blend color is derived from averaging a set of 8 pixels on the Base Color map. The coordinates of which are listed below:


  • {0.476000011, 0.057000000}
  • {0.523999989, 0.057000000}
  • {0.579999983, 0.020999997}
  • {0.924000025, 0.018999994}


  • {0.377000004, 0.959999979}
  • {0.623000026, 0.959999979}
  • {0.989000022, 0.300999999}
  • {0.989000022, 0.435000002}

The pixel coordinates are based on the height and width ratios of the Base Color image. For example, a pixel coordinate of {0.476000011, 0.0570000000} on a 1024x1024 image will yield a pixel position of (487,58).