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This class facilitates error handling for each API. It encapsulates the status code as a return value for each API function. Developers can query, set, or output status codes through this class. The RStatus codes and their instructions are listed below:

Constant Value
RStatus.Success The operation was successful.
RStatus.Failure The operation failed.
RStatus.InsufficientMemory The operation failed due to insufficient memory.
RStatus.LicenseFailure Application is not licensed for the attempted operation.
RStatus.IncompatibleVersion The applied operation is not compatible with the current version.
RStatus.InvalidParameter An invalid parameter was provided.
RStatus.UnknownParameter The operation was called with an unrecognized argument.
RStatus.NotImplemented This operation has not been implemented.
RStatus.Deprecated This operation has been deprecated.
RStatus.NotFound Not currently used.
RStatus.EndOfFile Not currently used.

Member Functions

Clear( self )

Clear the current error status. Success status code is returned upon calling this function.

See also: IsError( self )

1 status = RLPy.RGlobal.SetTime(RLPy.RTime(1000))
2 if status == RLPy.RStatus.Failure:
3     print("failure")
4     status.Clear()
5     print(status.IsError())  # False

GetStatusCode ( self )

Get the current status code. Refer to the status code table above.


Return the internal status code - int
  • RLPy.RStatus.Success
  • RLPy.RStatus.Failure
  • RLPy.RStatus.InsufficientMemory
  • RLPy.RStatus.LicenseFailure
  • RLPy.RStatus.IncompatibleVersion
  • RLPy.RStatus.InvalidParameter
  • RLPy.RStatus.UnknownParameter
  • RLPy.RStatus.NotImplemented
  • RLPy.RStatus.Deprecated
  • RLPy.RStatus.NotFound
  • RLPy.RStatus.EndOfFile
1 if status.GetStatusCode() == RLPy.RStatus.Success:
2     print("sucess")                                 # print sucess

IsError( self )

Check whether the current status is an error.


True: An error has occured.
False: No error.
 1 status = RLPy.RGlobal.SetTime(RLPy.RTime(1000))
 3 if status == RLPy.RStatus.Success:
 4     print("sucess")                                 # print sucess
 6 if status == RLPy.RStatus.Failure:
 7     print("failure")
 8     status.Clear()
 9     print(status.IsError())                         # False
11 if status.GetStatusCode() == RLPy.RStatus.Success:
12     print("sucess")                                 # print sucess
14 print(status.IsError())