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Main article: CC Avatar.

The following article will help you understand the basic concept of CC morph sliders.

Morph Related Content Specification

CC allows for content creation with 3rd party applications, including the creation of body and head morph sliders for sale.

File Format Description
(not for sale)
This file format contains the morph data for the character you have created from CC.

This is the morph file type that will be saved locally for your own usage.

*.ccSlider The character morph data which has to be converted from .ccCustomSlider first it can be uploaded for sale to the Marketplace.

They are all Export License ready.

*.ccProject The complete character project.

Users must buy the associated contents e.g. *.ccSlider, *.ccCloth, *.ccHair, etc. that the project is derived from.

Failure to do so will result in the appearance of watermarking on the viewport.

*.iAvatar The flattened CC character file.

Users can use this file freely in iClone but must buy the associated .ccSlider if they wish to export it via 3DXchange.

For more information on CC's content specification, see CC Content Spec.

Base vs Derivative Morph Sliders

Starting Material

If the aim is to expand the variety of morph sliders or character projects, we encourage developers and users to take advantage of the base morphs offered on the Reallusion Marketplace. A great starter pack would be CC Essential Morphs & Skins.

  • Intro 01-1 body.png
  • Intro 01-2 head.png

ToKoMotion has some really great stylized morph packs that are useful as references.

Intro 02 ToKoMotion.png


  • Base Morph Sliders refers to the new shape of character body or head.
  • Derivative Morph Sliders is created by using the 'Base Morph Sliders' as bases for various character design.

Content Display in the Marketplace

The Marketplace will list all 'Derivative Morph Sliders' for a specific Base Morph Sliders, for example.

Intro 03 marketplace base-morph.png

Derivative Morph Sliders will also list the Base Morph Sliders they are based on. This encourages users to purchase the base sliders in order to have the complete Base Morph Slider package, otherwise applying the Derivative Morph Sliders will generate on-screen watermarks.

Intro 04 marketplace derivative-morph.png

Maximum Allowable Repurpose

Once a content is uploaded to the Marketplace, its intellectual property is protected by encryption under a system known as DRM (Digital Rights Management). Developers are allowed to use 'Base Morph Sliders' as bases for repurposing and selling the Derivative Morph Sliders on the Marketplace.

Maximum Allowable Repurpose is the number of times that users can change the Base Content for reproduction.

Only *.iAvatar can be repurposed once while *.ccSlider and *.ccProject have two time repurpose.

Content Pricing

You can reference the table below as a suggestion on how to price your CC content according to its format.

File Format Suggested Pricing
.ccSlider $1­5 - $20 for original full body morph, $10 - $15 for any derivative morph.
.ccProject Free – We suggest developers to use ccProject to demo the Morph Sliders that are going to be sold.
.iAvatar $5 - $10