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Main article: CTA Prop Creation.

Provided Files

Use the following files to help you create thumbnails:

File Description and Usage Note Download
Prop.ctproject For static props Doesn't include render styles Prop.rar
Ani Prop.ctproject For animated props Doesn't included render styles Ani_Prop.rar

Thumbnail Creation Process

Static Props

(1) Open the Prop.ctproject and bring the prop onto the stage.

(2) Perform Export > Image.

CTA Thumbnailing 01.jpg
The stage will turn into a square aspect ratio -- because thumbnails are square.

(3) Scale the prop to fill the square stage.

(4) Go to Render Settings > Export to create a thumbnail image.

CTA Thumbnailing 04.jpg
The thumbnail image will be exported in 300x300 pix size
CTA Thumbnailing Money.jpg

Animated Props

(1) Open Ani Prop.ctproject

Notice the Ani displayed in the upper left corner.

(2) Bring the finished animated prop onto the stage.

(3) Perform Export > Image and resize the image to fit the square stage.

(4) Press the Export button to create a 300x300 px image.

The Ani display text tells the user that this prop has motion.
CTA Thumbnailing Alarm Clock.jpg

Applying the Thumbnail Image

(1) Perform Content Manager > Load Thumbnail.

CTA Thumbnailing 06.jpg

(2) Select the appropriate thumbnail made by using the aforementioned steps.

Developers have direct control over the image of the thumbnail.