IC 8 Python API:Enforcing Plugin Compatibility

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Main article: iC8 Python API.

In order to have Plugins run correctly in face of an ever-changing environment (resulting from continuous addition and modification of iClone functions and Python API), iClone 8 has introduced a checking mechanism for plugin compatibility. By adding "rl_plugin_info" in the main.py file, the plugin can be limited to certain environments.

1 rl_plugin_info = { "ap": "iClone", "ap_version": "8.0" }

ap in rl_plugin_info limits the plugin to certain programs (possible values are "iClone", "Character Creator", or "Any"). "Any" indicates that the plugin can be run on both iClone and Character Creator; and even at the same time. The ap_version limits the plugin to certain version numbers. Again, "Any" dictates that the plugin can run in any version. Possible values are as follows:

 1 # for iClone 8.0 and later version
 2 rl_plugin_info = { "ap": "iClone", "ap_version": "8.0" }
 3 # for iClone only
 4 rl_plugin_info = { "ap": "iClone", "ap_version": "Any" }
 5 # for Character Creator 4.0 and later version
 6 rl_plugin_info = { "ap": "Character Creator", "ap_version": "4.0" }
 7 # for Character Creator only
 8 rl_plugin_info = { "ap": "Character Creator", "ap_version": "Any" }
 9 # for iClone or Character Creator
10 rl_plugin_info = { "ap": "Any", "ap_version": "Any" }

When iClone 8 checks the plugin and encounters incompatibility issues, the following warning message will appear.

Ic8 python api checking plugin compatibility 01.png

This message indicates that there could be problems associated with running an incompatible plugin and users can choose to proceed at their own risk.