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Batch Render Folder

This script can take multiple iClone projects within a directory and render each one to a separate video. It will automatically open each *.iProject file and perform the standard Render to Video with the expressed render settings taken from the scene (Render > Render Video). iClone will successively open each project file and scrub the timeline to capture each frame to an individual video file. This process can be interrupted at any moment by pressing the Cancel button in the modal window for each render procedure. The handy console log provided with the script dialog window will list out all of the detected iClone scenes and give a play-by-play of the current render task once executed. When the console log prints "Render completed!", the user can open the batch folder and find all of the videos conveniently residing in one location.

Learn To

  • Create a plugin for iClone.
  • Create simple User Interface using a Qt UI file.
  • Load projects and use render related APIs.

Required Files

GitHub Page

  1. Batch Render Folder Python script - included in Python samples (main.py)
  2. QT UI form file (BatchRender.ui)

Steps to Take

  1. Setup a folder on your main drive for several *.iPojects to reside.
  2. Drag and drop several *.iProject files into this folder.
  3. Open up iClone and load the Batch Render Folder script (Plugins > Python Sample > Batch Render Folder).
  4. Within the dialog window, click on the Folder icon and pick the directory established beforehand.
  5. The console log below will print out the number of project files found.
  6. Click on the Render button and watch as iClone processes each file individually.
  7. Wait for the console log to print "Render completed!" and open the batch folder to find all of the processed videos.