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Main article: RL Python Samples.

iClone Python API has the ability to display pop-up message boxes that can ease the flow of your scripted procedures, as well as provide warnings and alerts. Message boxes can be sparse with no interaction except for the universal close window button on the top right of the window bar. They can also support a single checkbox and a single button interaction.

Available Buttons

The label on the single button changes according to the type of button called, they are the following:

Python Enum Button Label Return Value Bit Integer
RLPy.EMsgButton_NoButton "OK" 0 0-bit (2^0)
RLPy.EMsgButton_Ok "OK" 1024 10-bit (2^10)
RLPy.EMsgButton_Save "Save" 2048 11-bit (2^11)
RLPy.EMsgButton_SaveAll "Save All" 4096 12-bit (2^12)
RLPy.EMsgButton_Open "Open" 8196 13-bit (2^13)
RLPy.EMsgButton_Yes "Yes" 16384 14-bit (2^14)
RLPy.EMsgButton_YesToAll "Yes to All" 32768 15-bit (2^15)
RLPy.EMsgButton_No "No" 65536 16-bit (2^16)
RLPy.EMsgButton_NoToAll "No to All" 131072 17-bit (2^17)
RLPy.EMsgButton_Abort "Abort" 262144 18-bit (2^18)
RLPy.EMsgButton_Retry "Retry" 524288 19-bit (2^19)
RLPy.EMsgButton_Overlook "Ignore" 1048576 20-bit (2^20)
RLPy.EMsgButton_Close "Close" 2097152 21-bit (2^21)
RLPy.EMsgButton_Cancel "Cancel" 4194304 22-bit (2^22)
RLPy.EMsgButton_Discard "Discard" 8388608 23-bit (2^23)
RLPy.EMsgButton_Help "Help" 16777216 24-bit (2^24)
RLPy.EMsgButton_Apply "Apply" 33554432 25-bit (2^25)
RLPy.EMsgButton_Reset "Reset" 67108864 26-bit (2^26)

Non-Button Enumerations

The following are part of the EmsgButton enumerations but can't be used to create a dialog window.

Python Enum / User Action UI Representation Return Value Bit Integer
Dialog Exited Exit Button 2097152 21-bit (2^21)
RLPY.EMsgButton_RestoreDefaults None 134217728 27-bit (2^27)
Checkbox Activation
Check Box 268435456 28-bit (2^28)

Necessary Modules

The only required module for this lesson is the standard Reallusion Python API library.

import RLPy

Simple Message Box

Ic python api message box 01.png

The most simple message boxes just provide additional information to the user.

    "Message 1/3",
    "Message boxes can block operations.",

Message Box with Checkbox

Ic python api message box 02.png

In addition, message boxes can support check-boxes for more complex interactions.

button_status = RLPy.RUi.ShowMessageBox(
    "Message 2/3",
    "We can demonstrate this with a check-box...",
    "Try me!"

Action Blocking Message Boxes

Ic python api message box 03.png

Message boxes are asynchronous; they block the next action until the user removes it by clicking on the button or exiting the window.

    "Message 3/3",
    {RLPy.EMsgButton_Ok: "<b>False:</b> Checkbox was <b><i>NOT</i></b> activated.",
     RLPy.EMsgButton_OkDontAskAgain: "<b>True</b> Checkbox was activated!",
     RLPy.EMsgButton_Close: "<b>Canceled:</b> The message box was closed prematurely.",

Adding More Buttons

Ic python api message box 04.png

You add more buttons by adding more enumerations separated by "|".

    "Ok and Cancel",
    "You can add more buttons.",
    RLPy.EMsgButton_Ok | RLPy.EMsgButton_Cancel

APIs Used

You can research the following references for the APIs deployed in this code.