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This class inherits public member functions from:

Detailed Description

This class is used to register callbacks for dialog events.

class MyDialogCallback(RLPy.RDialogCallback):
 def __init__(self):
 def OnDialogHide(self):
   print("Dialog is be Hide")
 def OnDialogShow(self):
   print("Dialog is be Show")
 def OnDialogClose(self):
   print("Dialog is be Close")

mydialog = RUi.CreateRDialog()
mycallback = MyDialogCallback()

Member Functions


RLPy.RDialogCallback.OnDialogClose ( self )

Callback for dialog close.


Dialog closed - bool

Inherited By

This class is inherited by the following classes:

Class Description
Callback Base class of all callback class, such as REventCallback, RDialogCallback...