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Detailed Description

This class is the base class of components in the scene. The class provides a method to determine the component is available or not.

Member Functions


RLPy.RIBase.IsValid ( self )

Is valid or not.


Valid or not - bool

Inherited By

This class is inherited by the following classes:

Class Description
Clip Used to access the clip data of the animation.
FaceComponent The interface to the face key in the avatar.
HikEffectorComponent The interface to the human IK effector in the avatar.
MaterialComponent RIMaterialComponent.
MorphComponent RIMorphComponent.
Node The interface to nodes in the scene.
Object The base class of the objects in the scene.
SkeletonComponent The interface to the bone system in the scene.
VisemeComponent RIVisemeComponent.
Avatar The interface to avatars in the scene.
Camera The interface to cameras in the scene.
Light The interface to lights in the scene.
Particle ( Experimental Class ) the interface to particles in the scene.
Prop The interface to props in the scene.
DirectionalLight The interface to directional light in the scene.
PointLight The interface to point light in the scene.
SpotLight The interface to spot light in the scene.