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Welcome to the Reallusion Wiki.

This is an open space for developers to learn the pipeline of Reallusion content development, apply custom content to their own projects, or publish to Reallusion Marketplace for sharing or for sale. If you are a branded content developer who owns a collection of professional assets sold in other marketplaces, you can contact Reallusion at to quickly re-purpose assets for the Reallusion Content Store where it's eligible for inclusion in various product promotion and content bundle packages.

3D Content Development

  • Character Creator
  • iClone

2D Content Development

Cartoon Animator

Python Plug-in Development

Python scripting is available for iClone and will be made available for Character Creator.

  • iClone 7 Python API
  • iClone 8 Python API

How to Use Reallusion Wiki

Please read over the RL Wiki Readme before make a contribution to the wiki pages. Mock-up articles should be linked to this Page.