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Main article: CC Asset Development .

Developers are free to use whatever 3D tools they are comfortable with in conjunction with Character Creator and iClone. 3D solutions are indeed many, however for the best results, we do suggest using software that is compatible with the set of tools that Reallusion uses in-house.

Software Requirements

Software Vendor Version Usage Coord
Character Creator Reallusion 2.0 Creating and saving CC cloth. Y+
iClone Reallusion 7.0 Settings for soft-cloth. Y+
Zbrush Reallusion 4R7 P1 High poly sculpting and detailing.
Maya Autodesk 2014 Skin binding and export. Y+
3DS Max Autodesk 2013 Skin binding and export. Y-
3D-Coat Pilgway 4.7 Texture creation.
Substance Painter Allegorithmic 2.0 Baking mesh data, texture and Substance Material creation. Y-
Substance Designer Allegorithmic 5.5.2 Baking mesh data and texture creation. Y-
xNormal Open Source Unlimited Baking mesh data.

Working Environment

When working with Reallusion 3D software (iClone and CC) be aware of the following:

Graphics API

Reallusion 3D product lines are OpenGL, this means that orientation are set to (X+Y+Z+).

This will affect your 3D tools in the following ways:

  • Baking directional mesh data maps such as normals and worldspace normals.
  • Bone orientation upon import and export.

Unit System

Reallusion 3D product lines are unitized in the metric system, this means that centimeters should be used as a unit of measure.

This will affect your 3D tools in the following ways:

  • The starting settings of your work environment.
  • Universal size of the assets upon import and export.

FBX Version

Reallusion 3D product lines uses FBX SDK version 2012.1, therefore newer versions of FBX are not completely compatible.

This will affect your 3D tools in the following ways:

  • The export settings when using the FBX format.

Polycount Restrictions

iClone works best at medium level poly count. This means keeping poly count within reason for decent animation frame-rate while high enough for pre-viz rendering.

Asset Type Max Polycount (Quads) Soft Cloth
Shirt 3,000
Jacket 3,000
Short Coat 4,000
Long Coat 5,000
Dress 5,000
Pants 3,000
Shorts 1,000
Long Skirt 2,000
Short Skirt 1,000
Bra 1,500
Underwear 500
Boxer Shorts 800
Gloves x2 2,000
Socks x2 2,000
Shoes x2 1,500
Accessories 2,000
Plain Hair 5,000
Long Stylized Hair 10,000
⚠ Above table takes into account long-sleeve clothing only. For short-sleeve clothing minus 500 from the target polycount.