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Introduction & Preparation

The following documents can help you to get started on the CC content creation process:

Resource Purpose Link
CC Asset Introduction Basic knowledge and concept of CC Content:
  • CC Content Specification
  • Base Content vs Derivative Content
  • CC Content vs iClone Content
CC Asset Introduction
Developer Primer Doc. Setup instructions for CC content creation process:
  • Software Requirements
  • Working Environment
  • Polycount Restrictions
CC Asset Primer
Asset Provision Repository Access the resource files you'll need to get up and running:
  • Avatar Templates
  • UV Checkers
  • UV Templates
CC Asset Provision

Production Tutorials

Character Creator assets come in several types with their own file format and unique production guidelines.

Resource Purpose Link
Asset Production Guides Creation guide per asset type.
  • Cloth (*.ccCloth): general garments like coats, shirts, pants, etc.
  • Shoes (*.ccShoes): general footwear like shoes, slippers, high-heels, etc.
  • Accessory (*.ccAcc): items that are parented and not skinned to the bones.
CC Garment Creation Guide
CC Shoes Creation Guide

CC Accessory Creation Guide

Hair Production Guides Hair (*.ccHair): includes facial and scalp hair creation steps.
  • Legacy and advanced (cc3.4) Instructions
  • Texture map production.
  • Mesh types and creation.
  • Production to submission process.
  • Hair soft-cloth physics settings.
  • Additional instruction videos.

New for Smart Hair (CC 3.4+):

  1. Hair Introduction & Preparation
  2. Groom hair Creation Process
  3. Hair Mesh Production
  4. Hair Soft-Cloth Settings
  5. Hair Specification & Submission
  6. Supplementary Hair Instruction Videos

CC Hair Creation Guide (Legacy)
Asset Production Precautions Definitive guide to proper content creation for maximum CC compatibility.
  • Modeling for soft-cloth physics.
  • Normal Map Baking
  • UV Dismantling for Appearance Editor.
  • Material & Texture Settings.
CC Asset Production Precautions
(Auto Hide Model Polygons)
Guide for improving cohesion and performance of multi-layered clothing.
  • Usage of AHMP.
  • How AHMP Works.
  • Example AHMP Applications.
CC Import Process Essential guide to the CC software import process:
  • Import Dialogues
  • Collision Layer Assignments
  • Saving Content
CC Asset Import Process

Submission & Publishing

Use the following resources to facilitate the submission process.

Resource Purpose Link
Submission Guidelines Get to know what the submission process entails.
  • Output File Formats
  • Naming Conventions
  • Review Process
CC Asset Submission
Frequently Asked Questions Autonomous troubleshooting for your submission files.
  • Troubleshooting the Mesh.
  • Troubleshooting the Normals.
  • Troubleshooting the UV.
CC Asset FAQ
Marketplace Publication Guide Publishing content to Marketplace via the Uploader.
  • Simplified process with Smart Gallery
  • Create Content via Character Creator
  • Upload Content via Uploader
CC Asset Publication