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Developers should use either the male or female body model as a guide ( found under Source Files/CC Base Body ). Assets should be designed to fit the pose at frame 0 in the timeline. Joint orientations, foot contacts, and hand contacts should also be adjusted at frame 0. The Base Body Template should always be prefixed with “CC_Base_”, and during export should not possess any changes to the nomenclature. Name spaces are also prohibited. UV templates are also provided to facilitate the texture map creation process by providing a UV based blueprint.


You can download Character Creator 3.3+ body templates from the following links:

A-Pose Neutral Male Female
Y-Up (Maya) Neutral(A_for_Maya).zip
Z-Up (Max) Neutral(A_for_Max).zip
Y-Up (OBJ)
Z-Up (OBJ)
T-Pose Neutral Male Female
Y-Up (Maya) Neutral(T_for_Max).zip
Z-Up (Max) Neutral(T_for_Max).zip


Download the following files from FTP

  • Character: Female, Male, Neutral
  • File format: OBJ (for Max), OBJ (for Maya), FBX (for Max), FBX (for Maya)

CC1 & CC2

You may download the whole pack HERE or download them individually via the links below.

Head UV Templates

Body UV Templates

UV Checkers

UV checkers are necessary to test for good quality UV mapping. You may download the whole pack HERE including wide formats or download them individually via the links below.