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Main article: CTA Actor Creation.

The following information will help you save content in CrazyTalk Animator format and use the Uploader to bring it into the Marketplace.

Create Content via CrazyTalk Animator Pipeline

To export CTA character from CrazyTalk Animator Pipeline, please select the character, and press the "+" icon on the right category of Content Manager. Once the content was successfully saved under the “Custom” zone, right click on the content to find the file. Take saving .ctTBactor for example:

Create CTA actor in CTA 01.jpg

Create CTA actor in CTA 02.png

Sending Content to the Marketplace via the Uploader

Currently, any content that is to be sold on the Marketplace needs to be sent via the Content Uploader. You can edit and save your content information before uploading, and once you upload the content, it will be accessible from your Marketplace account backend so you don’t have to wait for approval before you begin selling. Aside from the content files, you can set the name, description and price of the specific content, and upload all the promotional materials at the same time.

Step 1) Start the Uploader.

Step 2) Add the content you are going to upload by drag-and-drop or clicking the "Add" button.

Step 3) Assign the Subfolder, which will be the categorical placement of the asset inside CTA's Content Manager to your local disk.

Assign Subfolder:
Category: Character
Pack Name: You can designate the item as part of a pack.
The categorical placement of the asset inside CTA's Content Manager to your local disk.
CTA Publish character sub menu.png

Step 4) Select the right category when uploading.

Type is the category of the asset when it is uploaded to the Marketplace.
CTA Publish type actor.png
⚠ You can find the details of publishing and managing content from HERE.