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The following information can help you to get started on the CTA content creation process:

Resource Purpose Link
CTA Actor Introduction Basic knowledge and concept of CTA Content:
  • G2 vs G3 Character
CTA Actor Introduction


Resource Purpose Link
CTA5 G3 Character Learn everything there is to know about CTA5 G3 character creation.
  • Create CTA5 G3 characters in vector and raster variants.
  • Key considerations in the G3 creation process.

CTA5 G3 Character Creation
CTA5 G3 Character Addendum

CTA4 G3 & G3 360 Character Download the whitepaper on Cartoon Animator 4 G3 and G3 360 Character Creation. CTA4 G3 Character Creation Whitepaper
CTA4 Character Learn to take advantage of the 180° head turn in CTA4. CTA4 Character Creation Process
G3 Character G3 Character creation guide by methods.
  • Design G3 characters directly from PSD files.
  • Design G3 characters directly from any image.

CTA G3 Actor PSD Pipeline
CTA G3 Actor Image Pipeline

G2 Character Design G2 characters directly from any image. CTA G2 Actor Image Pipeline

Submission & Publishing

Use the following resources to facilitate the submission process.

Resource Purpose Link
Marketplace Publication Guide Publishing content to Marketplace via the Uploader.
  • Create Content via CrazyTalk Animator Pipeline
  • Upload Content via Uploader
CTA Actor Publication