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Main article: Cartoon Animator.

Asset Production Guides

Creation guide per asset type.

Resource Purpose Link
Actor Learn to create CTA characters:
  • Preparation
  • Production
  • Submission and Publishing
CTA Actor
Prop Learn to create CTA static and animated props:
  • Source Material Creation
  • Prop Creation Process
  • Submission & Verification
CTA Prop
Dynamic Composite Props Learn to create CTA animated composite props:
  • Preparation
  • Source Material
  • Production Process
CTA Dynamic Composite Prop
PSD to CTA Scene Conversion Learn how to create a scene full of regular, compound, and pivoted props.
  • PSD to CTA Scene Workflow
  • Correspondence between CTA Object and PSD Data Structure
PSD to CTA Scene Conversion
Accessory Learn to create wearable items for CTA characters:
  • Before You Begin
  • Content Creation Process
  • Accessory Creation Workflow
CTA Accessories
Hair Learn to create CrazyTalk compatible hair:
  • Primer
  • Source Material Creation
  • Asset Creation Workflow
CTA Hair

Submission Checklist

Make sure to verify your assets before submission to the Content Store and Marketplace. This is especially important for Featured Developers.

Resource Purpose Link
Actor Checklist Submission verification checklist for CTA Actors:
  • Size Comparison
  • Default Positioning
  • Skeletal Structure
CTA Actor Submission Checklist