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Last modified: 05/14/2020


Time Unit Description Time Unit Description Time Unit Description
kInvalid Invalid Value kHours Hours (Not supported) kMinutes Minutes (Not supported)
kSeconds Seconds (Not supported) kMilliseconds 1,000 units per second k30FPS 30 frames per second (Not supported)
k60FPS 1 second equals 60 frames kUserDef User defined (Not supported)


Menu Type Description
EMenu_Plugins The Plugins menu in the main window bar.


CSS Type Description CSS Type Description
ECSSType_Color_0 Grey border theme ECSSType_Color_1 Green border theme


Resolution Type Description Resolution Type Description Resolution Type Description
EResolutionType_Large Large font format EResolutionType_Original Medium font format EResolutionType_Small Small font format


Dialog Type Description
EDialogType_Normal General dialog - Multiple instances can display on the screen at the same time.
EDialogType_Exclusive Exclusive dialog - Only one instance can be displayed at any given time. Multiple dialogs of this type will override eachother, showing only the latest.


Available iClone dock widget configurations.

Widget Configuration Type Description
EDockWidgetFeatures_NoFeatures The dock widget cannot be closed, moved, or floated.
EDockWidgetFeatures_Closable The dock widget can be closed. On some systems the dock widget always has a close button when it's floating (for example on MacOS 10.5).
EDockWidgetFeatures_Movable The dock widget can be moved between docks by the user.
EDockWidgetFeatures_Floatable The dock widget can be detached from the main window, and floated as an independent window.
EDockWidgetFeatures_VerticalTitleBar The dock widget displays a vertical title bar on its left side. This can be used to increase the amount of vertical space in a QMainWindow.
EDockWidgetFeatures_AllFeatures (Deprecated) The dock widget can be closed, moved, and floated. Since new features might be added in future releases, the look and behavior of dock widgets might change if you use this flag. Please specify individual flags instead.


Available iClone dockable areas for the RIDockWidget. These directly correlate with PySide2.QtCore.Qt.DockWidgetAreas.

Dockable Area Type Description Dockable Area Type Description
EDockWidgetAreas_NoDockwidgetArea Does not offer any placement options for docking. EDockWidgetAreas_LeftDockWidgetArea Makes the left region of the application available for docking.
EDockWidgetAreas_RightDockWidgetArea Offers the right area of the application for socketing the dock widget. EDockWidgetAreas_TopDockWidgetArea Makes the top region of the application available for docking.
EDockWidgetAreas_BottomDockWidgetArea Makes the bottom region of the application available for docking. EDockWidgetAreas_AllFeatures Makes the top, bottom, left, and right regions of the application available for docking.


Human inverse kinematic (HIK) effector type.

IK Effector Activation Type Description IK Effector Activation Type Description
EHikEffectorType_Translate Translate EHikEffectorType_Rotate Rotate


Available iClone rotation orders.

Rotation Type Rotation Order Rotation Type Rotation Order Rotation Type Rotation Order
Order_XYZ (x, y, z) Order_ZYX (z, y, x) Order_XZY (x, z, y)
Order_YZX (y, z, x) Order_YXZ (y, x, z) Order_ZXY (z, x, y)


Available iClone viseme shapes for lip-syncing.

Viseme Type Viseme Shape Viseme Type Viseme Shape Viseme Type Viseme Shape
EVisemeID_W_OO W and OO EVisemeID_S_Z S and Z EVisemeID_CH_J CH and J
EVisemeID_F_V F and V EVisemeID_TH TH EVisemeID_T_L_D_N T, L, D, and N
EVisemeID_B_M_P B, M, and P EVisemeID_K_G_H_NG K, G, H, and NG EVisemeID_AE AE
EVisemeID_R R


iClone animation keyframe tangent types.

Tangent Type Keyframe Tangent Tangent Type Keyframe Tangent Tangent Type Keyframe Tangent
ETangentType_Beizier Beizier ETangentType_Linear Linear ETangentType_Step Step
ETangentType_EaseIn Ease In ETangentType_EaseOut Ease Out ETangentType_EaseInOut Ease In Out
ETangentType_EaseOutIn Ease Out In ETangentType_Fast Fast ETangentType_Slow Slow
ETangentType_Auto Auto ETangentType_Smooth Smooth


iClone object types.

Object Type Description Object Type Description Object Type Description
EObjectType_Object Object EObjectType_Avatar Avatar EObjectType_Prop Prop
EObjectType_Camera Camera EObjectType_Particle Particle EObjectType_Light Light
EObjectType_SpotLight SpotLight EObjectType_PointLight PointLight EObjectType_DirectionalLight DirectionalLight
EObjectType_PopcornFX PopcornFX


Absolute paths utilized by iClone, used in RLPy.RGlobal.GetPath().

Path Type Description Path Type Description Path Type Description
EPathType_Temp Temp EPathType_TemplateContent Template Content EPathType_CustomContent Custom Content
EPathType_ProgramDefault Program Default EPathType_Morph Morph EPathType_CreateFace CreateFace
EPathType_Puppet Puppet EPathType_FacialLayer Facial Layer EPathType_ShareTemplateContent Shared Template Content
EPathType_Thumb Thumb EPathType_Image Image EPathType_CreatorAssets Creator Assets
EPathType_Resource Resource EPathType_FacialSystem Facial System EPathType_CustomWidget Custom Widget
EPathType_iCloneAssets iClone Assets


iClone Avatar types.

Avatar Type Description Avatar Type Description Avatar Type Description
EAvatarType__None None EAvatarType_Standard Standard EAvatarType_NonStandard NonStandard
EAvatarType_NonHuman NonHuman EAvatarType_StandardSeries StandardSeries EAvatarType_All All


Material texture channels, used in RIMaterialComponent.

Texture Channel Type Channel Name Texture Channel Type Channel Name Texture Channel Type Channel Name
EMaterialTextureChannel_Metallic Metallic EMaterialTextureChannel_Diffuse Diffuse EMaterialTextureChannel_Specular Specular
EMaterialTextureChannel_Shininess Shininess EMaterialTextureChannel_Glow Glow EMaterialTextureChannel_Displacement Displacement
EMaterialTextureChannel_Opacity Opacity EMaterialTextureChannel_DiffuseBlend DiffuseBlend EMaterialTextureChannel_Bump Bump
EMaterialTextureChannel_Reflection Reflection EMaterialTextureChannel_Refraction Refraction EMaterialTextureChannel_Cube Cube
EMaterialTextureChannel_AmbientOcclusion AmbientOcclusion EMaterialTextureChannel_Quantity Quantity


Human inverse kinematic (HIK) effector for the corresponding body part, used in RIHikEffectorComponent.

IK Effector Type Description IK Effector Type Description IK Effector Type Description
EHikEffector_Invalid Invalid EHikEffector_LeftHand Left Hand EHikEffector_LeftElbow Left Elbow
EHikEffector_LeftShoulder Left Shoulder EHikEffector_RightHand Right Hand EHikEffector_RightElbow Right Elbow
EHikEffector_RightShoulder Right Shoulder EHikEffector_LeftFoot Left Foot EHikEffector_LeftKnee Left Knee
EHikEffector_LeftHip Left Hip EHikEffector_RightFoot Right Foot EHikEffector_RightKnee Right Knee
EHikEffector_RightHip Right Hip EHikEffector_Hip Hip EHikEffector_Head Head
EHikEffector_Neck Neck EHikEffector_ChestOrigin Chest Origin EHikEffector_LeftToe Left Toe
EHikEffector_RightToe RightToe EHikEffector_LeftFingerBase Left Finger Base EHikEffector_RightFingerBase Right Finger Base
EHikEffector_LeftHandThumb Left Hand Thumb EHikEffector_LeftHandIndex Left Hand Index EHikEffector_LeftHandMiddle Left Hand Middle
EHikEffector_LeftHandRing Left Hand Ring EHikEffector_LeftHandPinky Left Hand Pinky EHikEffector_LeftHandExtraFinger Left Hand Extra Finger
EHikEffector_RightHandThumb Right Hand Thumb EHikEffector_RightHandIndex Right Hand Index EHikEffector_RightHandMiddle Right Hand Middle
EHikEffector_RightHandRing Right Hand Ring EHikEffector_RightHandPinky Right Hand Pinky EHikEffector_RightHandExtraFinger Right Hand Extra Finger
EHikEffector_LeftFootThumb Left Foot Thumb EHikEffector_LeftFootIndex Left Foot Index EHikEffector_LeftFootMiddle Left Foot Middle
EHikEffector_LeftFootRing Left Foot Ring EHikEffector_LeftFootPinky Left Foot Pinky EHikEffector_LeftFootExtraFinger Left Foot Extra Finger
EHikEffector_RightFootThumb Right Foot Thumb EHikEffector_RightFootIndex Right Foot Index EHikEffector_RightFootMiddle Right Foot Middle
EHikEffector_RightFootRing Right Foot Ring EHikEffector_RightFootPinky Right Foot Pinky EHikEffector_RightFootExtraFinger Right Foot Extra Finger
EHikEffector_Quantity Quantity


Buttons options for RLPy.RUi.ShowMessageBox().

Button Type Button Label Return Value Bit Integer Button Type Button Label Return Value Bit Integer
EMsgButton_NoButton "OK" 0 0-bit (2^0) EMsgButton_Ok "OK" 1024 10-bit (2^10)
EMsgButton_Save "Save" 2048 11-bit (2^11) EMsgButton_SaveAll "Save All" 4096 12-bit (2^12)
EMsgButton_Open "Open" 8196 13-bit (2^13) EMsgButton_Yes "Yes" 16384 14-bit (2^14)
EMsgButton_YesToAll "Yes to All" 32768 15-bit (2^15) EMsgButton_No "No" 65536 16-bit (2^16)
EMsgButton_NoToAll "No to All" 131072 17-bit (2^17) EMsgButton_Abort "Abort" 262144 18-bit (2^18)
EMsgButton_Retry "Retry" 524288 19-bit (2^19) EMsgButton_Overlook "Ignore" 1048576 20-bit (2^20)
EMsgButton_Close "Close" 2097152 21-bit (2^21) EMsgButton_Cancel "Cancel" 4194304 22-bit (2^22)
EMsgButton_Discard "Discard" 8388608 23-bit (2^23) EMsgButton_Help "Help" 16777216 24-bit (2^24)
EMsgButton_Apply "Apply" 33554432 25-bit (2^25) EMsgButton_Reset "Reset" 67108864 26-bit (2^26)
EMsgButton_RestoreDefaults None 134217728 27-bit (2^27) EMsgButton_OkDontAskAgain Check Box 268435456 28-bit (2^28)


Mechanism for defining the transition style between two animation states.

Transition Type Description UI Name Transition Type Description UI Name
ETransitionType_Invalid Invalid ETransitionType__None None
ETransitionType_Linear Linear ETransitionType_Step Step
ETransitionType_Ease_Out Ease Out (adjustable) Decelerate ETransitionType_Ease_In Ease In (adjustable) Accelerate
ETransitionType_Ease_Out_In Ease Out_In (adjustable) Pause and Move ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out Ease In Out (adjustable) Smooth
ETransitionType_Ease_In_Sine Ease In Sine ETransitionType_Ease_Out_Sine Ease Out Sine
ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out_Sine Ease In Out Sine ETransitionType_Ease_In_Quad Ease In Quadratic
ETransitionType_Ease_Out_Quad Ease Out Quadratic ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out_Quad Ease In Out Quadratic
ETransitionType_Ease_In_Cubic Ease In Cubic ETransitionType_Ease_Out_Cubic Ease Out Cubic
ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out_Cubic Ease In Out Cubic ETransitionType_Ease_In_Quart Ease In Quartic
ETransitionType_Ease_Out_Quart Ease Out Quartic ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out_Quart Ease In Out Quartic
ETransitionType_Ease_In_Quint Ease In Quintic ETransitionType_Ease_Out_Quint Ease Out Quintic
ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out_Quint Ease In Out Quintic ETransitionType_Ease_In_Expo Ease In Exponential
ETransitionType_Ease_Out_Expo Ease Out Exponential ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out_Expo Ease In Out Exponential
ETransitionType_Ease_In_Circ Ease In Circular ETransitionType_Ease_Out_Circ Ease Out Circular
ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out_Circ Ease In Out Circular ETransitionType_Ease_In_Back Ease In Back Gain Momentum before Move
ETransitionType_Ease_Out_Back Ease Out Back Damping ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out_Back Ease In Out Back Gain Momentum and Damp
ETransitionType_Ease_In_Elastic Ease In Elastic Elastic Start and Sudden End ETransitionType_Ease_Out_Elastic Ease Out Elastic Sudden Start with Elastic End
ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out_Elastic Ease In Out Elastic Elastic Start and End ETransitionType_Ease_In_Bounce Ease In Bounce Stutter Start
ETransitionType_Ease_Out_Bounce Ease Out Bounce End in a Bounce ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out_Bounce Ease In Out Bounce Stuttering Start and End
ETransitionType_Last Last ETransitionType_Count Count