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Joint Driven Morph

This script can be used to drive morph targets via real-time rotation of bone joints. The character along with its bones and morphs are designated inside the script itself. Then every 100 milliseconds -about 1/10th of a second, the script will check for the rotational status of the associated bones and activate the subsequent morph targets accordingly. Once the joint morph connection is applied, one should see the activation of certain morph shapes by rotating the mapped joints in real-time.

Learn How to

  • Retrieve character data.
  • Drive morph keys by changing attributes of another entity in the scene.

Required Files

GitHub Page

  • Example character (Test.iAvatar)
  • Joint Driven Morph Python script (main.py)

Steps to Take

  1. Open iClone and load the sample avatar provided in this example into the scene (Test.iAvatar).
  2. Load the Joint Driven Morph python script (main.py) into the project (Script > Load Python > ...).
  3. In the subsequent popup window, click on Apply Join Morph Connection to make the joint to morph connection.
  4. Go into the Edit Motion Layer Panel and click on the elbow joint and rotate it to test the morph activation (Modify > Edit Motion Layer).