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Musical keyboard

Musical keyboard is a demonstration of creating key-press events that can respond in real-time making for an interactive user experience that can control elements in the scene. Once the script is initiated, a dialog window will appear with all the available keys mapped out. One can press on the corresponding keyboard letter and hear the note being played while the keyboard responds in kind. The sample scene file (Keyboard.iProject) also contains a prerecording in the form of an animation track (example: Timeline > Key_C > Transform/Sound).

Learn how to

  • Use hot key to control props and emit sounds.

Required Files

GitHUB Page

  • iClone scene containing the keyboard prop (Keyboard.iProject)
  • Keyboard Python script (main.py)
  • Various WAV files containing individual key note sounds (wav folder).

Steps to Take

  1. Open the scene file provided in this section (Keyboard.iProject).
  2. Make the wav folder resides in the same directory as the python script (main.py).
  3. Press the keys: [C], [D], [E], [F], [G], [A], [B] and watch as the keyboard keys begin to press and produce unique notes.
  4. On the other hand, you can simply play the timeline to watch a pre-recording.