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This class is used to store and access float data keys. Float keys are managed by RFloatControl via SetValue and GetValue for setting and getting the key value for the corresponding point in time.

See Also: RKey, RFloatControl


RKey > RFloatKey

1 avatar_list = RLPy.RScene.GetAvatars()
2 avatar = avatar_list[0]
4 # set value
5 float_control = avatar.GetControl("PathPosition")
6 value = 1
8 float_control.SetValue(RLPy.RTime(100),value)
9 print(float_control.GetValue(time,value))

Member Functions

Clone ( self )

Copy the float key data and return as a new float key object.

1 # Clone RFloatKey
2 cloned_key = float_key.Clone()

GetValue ( self )

Get the float key value.

See Also: SetValue


The float key value - float

1 value = float_key.GetValue()

SetValue ( self, fValue )

Set the float key value.

See Also: GetValue


fValue [IN] The value for the Key - float

1 float_key.SetValue(99.9)