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Main article: iClone Python API.

The sections below are expandable and are organized according to module and application version history.


iC 7.4x
Load iClone Formats This includes *.iProjects, *.iAvatars, *.iProps, and any number of supported file formats readable and writable by iClone.
Animate Props RTS (Rotate, Translate, Scale) prop transformations, including playing their animation clips.
Animate Characters Play motion clips and rotate joints of a character in FK mode (Forward Kinetic).
Morph Animation Drive morph sliders and key morph slider values in the timeline.
Add audio to objects Add or remove audio tracks to props and characters that can playback in real-time.
Adjust Materials Adjust strength contributions per texture channel, UV settings, diffuse color, ambient color, opacity values, etc.
Camera Controls Adjust focal length, angle of view, near and far clipping planes, etc. on any camera in the scene.
Light Controls Control settings for direction, spot and point lights. Such as range, angle, falloff, attenuation, etc.
Device Input Drive animations and object parameters with the keyboard, mice, joystick, etc.
TCP/IP Drive animations and object parameters remotely with IOT (Internet of Things) from other computers, cell-phones, etc. Or, have iClone drive IOT with smart network connectivity for lights, doors, etc.
Get Events Setup callbacks for iClone run-time events such as on load, on selection, on parameter value change, on set timer, etc. Useful for tasks that need to trigger following an event like adding newly created items into a list tree, deploying automatic settings on load, or driving corrective morph targets when certain combinations of morphs are activated.
Render Project Write batch render scripts and specify target directories for output.
Custom UI Design Use iClone's native UI classes, or extend beyond it with QT's Pyside2 to create buttons, forms, dropdowns, modal windows, etc.
Animation Keys Set timeline keys for various motion clips. Animate props, characters, lights, etc. via scripting.


iC 7.4x ( 01/17/2019 - 01/31/2019 )
Fixed LocalTransform/WorldTransform( RIObject, RIAvatar, RIProp,RILight, RICamera ): Incorrect transform rotations for RIObject, RIAvatar, RIProp, RILight, RICamera.
RINode New RINode::WorldTransform(): New WorldTransform for RINode; No need for the user to write a function to retrieve it.
Rkey New RKey can be used to carry additional data such as Time, TransitionType, and TransitionStrength.
MaterialComponent Fixed MaterialComponent( AddAmbientKey, AddDiffuseKey, AddSpecularKey, AddGlossinessKey, AddSpecularKey, AddSelfIlluminationKey, AddOpacityKey, AddTextureWeightKey, AddUvDataKey, RemoveUvDataKey, LoadVideoToTexture, AddVideoVolumeKey): kTime > kKey for the MaterialComponent; Besides setting the frame time, one can also set the Transition Type and Strength.
LoadImageToTexture Ability to load texture images to any channel within a material accessible via Mesh > Material Name.
RIHikEffectorComponent Established framework for the RIHikEffoectorComponent API and test case is provided (not yet implemented).
Ignore API Fixed RAudio:SetAudioPtr and RScene:SetScenePtr not being ignored (currently the online documentation also has this problem).
RApplication class New RApplication class can retreive registry related data and API version number. Test case has been added.
RIObject New RIObject::SetParent(RIObject/RINode): All classes that derive from RIObject also inherit the SetParent member function.
RIObject New RIObject::LinkTo(RIObject, RTime): All classes that derive from RIObject also inherit the LinkTo member function.
RIObject New RIObject::Unlink(RTime): All classes that derive from RIObject also inherit the Unlink member function.
RIFaceComponent New RIFaceComponent::GetKey(RTime, Head, LeftEye, RightEye, Morph, Custom, Bone, Weight): Used to retrieve the current time's Facial Expression, Eye, and Head key values.
RIFaceComponent New RIFaceComponent::AddClip(RTime): Adds a default Facial clip at the designated point in time.
RIFaceComponent New RIFaceComponent::AddEyeKey(): Create a EyeKey under the Facial Layer.
RIFaceComponent New RIFaceComponent::AddHeadKey(): Create a HeadKey under the Facial Layer.
RIFaceComponent New RIFaceComponent::AddExpressionKey(): Create a ExpressionKey under the Facial Layer.
RIFaceComponent New RIFaceComponent::AddVisemeKey(): Create a LipsKey under the Viseme layer.
RIObject New RIObject::SetName(std::wstring): Used to change the name of an object.
RIObject New RIObject::GetPivot(): All classes that derive from RIObject also inherit the GetPivot member function.
RIObject New RIObject::SetPivot(): Provides a way to retrieve the pivot point of a prop.
RIObject New RIObject::GetBounds(): All classes that derive from RIObject also inherit the GetBounds member function.


iC 7.4x ( 02/15/2019 - 02/27/2019 )
CICFileIO <RIObjectPtr> CICFileIO::LoadObject( strPath ): Function that can load objects, and directly get the loaded objects, currently only the types that inherit RIObject can use this API
RlVisemeComponent RlVisemeComponent::AddVisemesClip( RO::RTime kTime, const std::wstring& nClipName, RO::RTime kTimeLength ): Used to create Viseme Clip.
RIProp RIProp::SetDummy( bIsDummy): Used to set whether Prop is Dummy.
RIProp <bool> RIProp::IsDummy(): Used to check if Prop is Dummy.
RIMorphComponent std::vector< std::wstring > RIMorphComponent::GetMorphNames(): Get all morph names for the specified mesh.
RIObject RIObject::Clone(): Used to copy the object.
RIObject RIObject::IsSelected(): Confirm whether the object is selected in the scene.
RemoveVisemesClip RemoveVisemesClip( RO::RTime kTime ): Remove a viseme Clip at the specified time.
RlVisemeComponent RlVisemeComponent::RemoveVisemesKey( RO::RTime kTime ): Remove a viseme key at the specified point in time.
RlVisemeComponent RlVisemeComponent::GetVisemeMorphWeights(): Used to get the weight of each Morph of viseme.
RlVisemeComponent RlVisemeComponent::GetVisemeBones(): Used to get the Bone used by Viseme.
RlVisemeComponent RlVisemeComponent::GetVisemeKeys(): Used to get the time of all Viseme keys, and return RTime as an array.
RlVisemeComponent RlVisemeComponent::GetVisemeKey( RO::RTime kTime, RO::EVisemeID& eVisemeID, float& fWeight ): Used to get the VisemeID and Weight of Viseme at a specified point in time.


iC 7.5 ( 04/08/2019 - 07/01/2019 )
CCameraObject New <RO::RCameraDofData> CCameraObject::GetDOFData(): Get camera Dof data.
RScene New <RO::RICameraPtr> RScene::GetCurrentCamera(): Get the camera currently used in the current scene.
RGlobal New <RO::RStatus> RGlobal::GetScreenSize( int& nWidth, int& nHeight ): Get Export Render size.
RIObject Fixed RIObject::SetName: SetName will now be recorded into undo/redo history.
RScene <RO::RStatus> RScene::ClearSelectObjects(): Added the state of deselecting objects in the scene.
CCameraObject <float> CCameraObject::GetAngleOfView( RO::RTime kTime ) const: Get Iclone camera FOV.
CCameraObject <RO::RStatus> CCameraObject::GetAperture( float& fWidth, float& fHeight ): Get Filmback width and height.
RIVisemeComponent Modified RIVisemeComponent::AddVisemeKey( RVisemeKey ): Pass in RVisemeKey instead.
RIVisemeComponent Modified RIVisemeComponent::RemoveVisemesKey( RVisemeKey ): Pass in RVisemeKey instead.
RIVisemeComponent Modified RIVisemeComponent::GetVisemeKey( RTime kTime, RVisemeKey& kKey ): Pass in RVisemeKey and Reference to retrieve data.
RIVisemeComponent Modified RIVisemeComponent::GetVisemeKeys(): Directly return std :: vector <RVisemeKey>.
RIAvatar Modified RIAvatar::GetGeneration: Added two types CC_Game_Base_One & CC_Game_Base_Multi.
RFileIO Modified RFileIO::ExportFbxFile: Take one more parameter std :: wstring strIncludeMotionPath to output together with Object.
RGlobal New <bool> RGlobal::IsTrialContentMode(): detect whether the current AP is loaded with trial content (for internal API).
RISkeletonComponent New RISkeletonComponent::ConvertBoneAxisAndParent(kAxisMaps, kReParentMaps): Calculate the current RTS according to the incoming axial map & change the parent's map.
CCameraObject New <RO::ECameraFitResolution> CCameraObject::GetFitRenderRegionType(): Get Camera fit render region type (Horizontal / Vertical).
CCameraObject New <RO::ECameraFitResolution> CCameraObject::GetFitFovType(): Get Camera fit fov type (Horizontal / Vertical).
REventCallback New REventCallback::OnObjectDataChangedWithType( int nObjectChangeDataType ): Added the type corresponding to the event when the AP triggers the ObjectDataChanged event.
OnHierarchyChanged New REventCallback::OnHierarchyChanged(): AP to trigger HierarchyChanged event, currently occurs in reach effector.
RIAvatar New RIAvatar::GetAvatarType(): Which Type is used to get the current character (Standard, NonStd, StandardSearize).
RFileIO New <bool> RFileIO::CheckExportFbxHasLicense( RO::RIObjectPtr spObject ): Added judging whether the output Fbx comes with a sell / export license (for internal API).
RFileIO Modified RFileIO::ExportFbxFile: When exporting Fbx, judge whether it has a sell / export license
RISkeletonComponent New RISkeletonComponent::ConvertToOriginalBoneAxis(): Turn the current Pose into the axis of the original skeleton (NonStd characters only).
RICCamera Modify RICCamera::GetFocalLength(): Correction If it is judged that the control (CameraFovClipControl / CCameraFovKeyControl) is wrong, the focal length is calculated based on the FrustumFov in the current camera.
RGlobal New RGlobal.TrialVersionRemainingTimes( const std::wstring& strBinPath, unsigned int uProductID, const std::wstring& strProductFold,const std::wstring& strRegRoot,unsigned int uTimeNo ): Can check the remaining number of trails (some Trial will be useful, ex 3DX).


iC 7.6 (07/05/2019 - 07/29/2019)
RCameraDofData Modified RLPy.RCameraDofData: Set Function can now be used. Originally all SetEnable, SetFocus, etc. were hidden functions.
RICamera New <RStatus> AddDofKey( RKey, RCameraDofData ): The key used to download the Camera Dof, the Preview Camera cannot be downloaded (not Pause).
RICamera New <int> GetNearClippingPlane(): Get the near clipping plane of the camera
RICamera New <RStatus> SetNearClippingPlane( int nNearPlane ): Set the near clipping plane of the camera to nNearPlane
RICamera New <int> GetFarClippingPlane(): Get the far clipping plane of the camera
RICamera New <RStatus> SetFarClippingPlane( int nFarPlane ): Set the far clipping plane of the camera to nFarPlane
RIObject Update(): RTS & Geronetry to update all Child bone & Mesh of this object
RINode Update(): Transform to update all Childe Nodes
ELinkObjectAlignType AlignType referenced when adding Link objects
RIObject Modified RIObject::LinkTo( std::shared_ptr< RIObject > spTargetObject, RO::ELinkObjectAlignType eAlignType, RTime kTime ): Link objects often pass AlignType to determine the Position / Rotation of the Target object.
RIClip Fixed RLPy.RIClip.SetLength(): that now even the props from the Prop SetParent group can correctly modify the Clip Length of each Child Prop
RScene Modified GetProps(): Restricted to get only the outermost Props on the scene (excluding the meaning of Props children)
RScene Modified FindObjects( RO::EObjectType eType ): Restricted to get only the outermost Props on the scene (excluding the meaning of Props children)


iC 7.7 ( 08/08/2019 - 11/05/2019 )
RICamera.GetFocalLength Fixed RICamera.GetFocalLength: retrieves faulty value when the query is not of the current time.
RIObject RIObject: RLPy.RIObject.SetVisible: Effects the visibility of the entire object hierarchy rather than just the object itself.
RIProp Modified RIProp: Added ConvertBoneAxisAndParent in RISkeletonCompoment
RIPopcornObject New RIPopcornObject: Added New RIPopcornObject to control PopcornFX object
RScene Modified RScene: RLPy.RScene.FindObject now supports PopcornFX object types.
RICamera New RLPy.RICamera.RemoveDofKey( RKey ): Deletes DOF key at specified times
RICamera New RICamera.RemoveDofKeys(): Deletes all the DOF keys for a given camera.
RICamera New RLPy.RICamera.GetDofKeyCount(): Gets the total count of all DOF keys for a specified camera.
RICamera New RLPy.RICamera.IsLookAtMode( RTime ): Get the status of camera at a specified time.
Console Fixed Console: Fixed log support for UTF-8 strings.
RIObject New RLPy.RIObject.GetLinkedObject( RTime ): Get the linked object at a specified time.
RIObject Fixed RLPy.RIObject.Clone(): Not returning the right object type (such as RIAvatar, RIProp etc)
RIFileIO Fixed RLPy.RIFileIO.LoadFile(): Now supports iPkfx file format.
RIFileIO Fixed RLPy.RIFileIO.LoadObject(): Now supports iPkfx file format.


iC 7.71 ( 12/05/2019 - 12/18/2019 )
RFileIO Modified RLPy.RFileIO.LoadObject(): New Parameter(bRecordStep) to decide whether to record this operation into Undo/Redo list
RFileIO Modified RLPy.RFileIO.LoadFile(): New Parameter(bRecordStep) to decide whether to record this operation into Undo/Redo list.
RIPopcornFXObject New RIPopcornFXObject::GetAttributeCount(): Get the number of PopcornFX attributes.
RIPopcornFXObject New RIPopcornFXObject::GetAttributeName(index): Get the attribute name of a given index.
RIPopcornFXObject New RIPopcornFXObject::GetAttributeValue(index): Get the attribute value of given index.
RIPopcornFXObject New RIPopcornFXObject::AddAttributeKey(Time, str, list(4)): Add the attribute key by time and name.
RIPopcornFXObject New RIPopcornFXObject::GetSamplerList(EPopcornFxSamplerType): Get the name of all samplers.
EPopcornFxSamplerType New EPopcornFxSamplerType(): Get the sampler object.
RIPopcornFXObject New RIPopcornFXObject::GetMeshSamplerTarget(str): Set the sampler object.
RIPopcornFXObject New RIPopcornFXObject::GetMeshSamplerTarget(str, RIObject):
EObjectModifiedType New EObjectModifiedType(): Provides the type of the object that was modified.
RIGlobal New RIGlobal::ObjectModified(RIObject): This command can detect changes made to an object which is useful for refreshing a custom user interface or informing a plugin of the changes.
RIPopcornFXObject New RIPopcornFXObject::ClearMeshSamplerTarget(str): Removes the Mesh Sampler target object.