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Human inverse kinematic (HIK) effector type.

IK Effector Activation Type Description IK Effector Activation Type Description
EHikEffectorType_Translate Translate EHikEffectorType_Rotate Rotate


Available iClone rotation orders.

Rotation Type Rotation Order Rotation Type Rotation Order Rotation Type Rotation Order
Order_XYZ (x, y, z) Order_ZYX (z, y, x) Order_XZY (x, z, y)
Order_YZX (y, z, x) Order_YXZ (y, x, z) Order_ZXY (z, x, y)


Available iClone viseme shapes for lip-syncing.

Viseme Type Viseme Shape Viseme Type Viseme Shape Viseme Type Viseme Shape
EVisemeID_W_OO W and OO EVisemeID_S_Z S and Z EVisemeID_CH_J CH and J
EVisemeID_F_V F and V EVisemeID_TH TH EVisemeID_T_L_D_N T, L, D, and N
EVisemeID_B_M_P B, M, and P EVisemeID_K_G_H_NG K, G, H, and NG EVisemeID_AE AE
EVisemeID_R R


iClone animation keyframe tangent types.

Tangent Type Keyframe Tangent Tangent Type Keyframe Tangent Tangent Type Keyframe Tangent
ETangentType_Beizier Beizier ETangentType_Linear Linear ETangentType_Step Step
ETangentType_EaseIn Ease In ETangentType_EaseOut Ease Out ETangentType_EaseInOut Ease In Out
ETangentType_EaseOutIn Ease Out In ETangentType_Fast Fast ETangentType_Slow Slow
ETangentType_Auto Auto ETangentType_Smooth Smooth


iClone object types.

Object Type Description Object Type Description Object Type Description
EObjectType_Object Object EObjectType_Avatar Avatar EObjectType_Prop Prop
EObjectType_Camera Camera EObjectType_Particle Particle EObjectType_Light Light
EObjectType_SpotLight SpotLight EObjectType_PointLight PointLight EObjectType_DirectionalLight DirectionalLight
EObjectType_PopcornFX PopcornFX


Absolute paths utilized by iClone, used in RLPy.RGlobal.GetPath().

Path Type Description Path Type Description Path Type Description
EPathType_Temp Temp EPathType_TemplateContent Template Content EPathType_CustomContent Custom Content
EPathType_ProgramDefault Program Default EPathType_Morph Morph EPathType_CreateFace CreateFace
EPathType_Puppet Puppet EPathType_FacialLayer Facial Layer EPathType_ShareTemplateContent Shared Template Content
EPathType_Thumb Thumb EPathType_Image Image EPathType_CreatorAssets Creator Assets
EPathType_Resource Resource EPathType_FacialSystem Facial System EPathType_CustomWidget Custom Widget
EPathType_iCloneAssets iClone Assets


iClone Avatar types.

Avatar Type Description Avatar Type Description Avatar Type Description
EAvatarType__None None EAvatarType_Standard Standard EAvatarType_NonStandard NonStandard
EAvatarType_NonHuman NonHuman EAvatarType_StandardSeries StandardSeries EAvatarType_All All


Material texture channels, used in RIMaterialComponent.

Texture Channel Type Channel Name Texture Channel Type Channel Name Texture Channel Type Channel Name
EMaterialTextureChannel_Metallic Metallic EMaterialTextureChannel_Diffuse Diffuse EMaterialTextureChannel_Specular Specular
EMaterialTextureChannel_Shininess Shininess EMaterialTextureChannel_Glow Glow EMaterialTextureChannel_Displacement Displacement
EMaterialTextureChannel_Opacity Opacity EMaterialTextureChannel_DiffuseBlend DiffuseBlend EMaterialTextureChannel_Bump Bump
EMaterialTextureChannel_Reflection Reflection EMaterialTextureChannel_Refraction Refraction EMaterialTextureChannel_Cube Cube
EMaterialTextureChannel_AmbientOcclusion AmbientOcclusion EMaterialTextureChannel_Quantity Quantity


Human inverse kinematic (HIK) effector for the corresponding body part, used in RIHikEffectorComponent.

IK Effector Type Description IK Effector Type Description IK Effector Type Description
EHikEffector_Invalid Invalid EHikEffector_LeftHand Left Hand EHikEffector_LeftElbow Left Elbow
EHikEffector_LeftShoulder Left Shoulder EHikEffector_RightHand Right Hand EHikEffector_RightElbow Right Elbow
EHikEffector_RightShoulder Right Shoulder EHikEffector_LeftFoot Left Foot EHikEffector_LeftKnee Left Knee
EHikEffector_LeftHip Left Hip EHikEffector_RightFoot Right Foot EHikEffector_RightKnee Right Knee
EHikEffector_RightHip Right Hip EHikEffector_Hip Hip EHikEffector_Head Head
EHikEffector_Neck Neck EHikEffector_ChestOrigin Chest Origin EHikEffector_LeftToe Left Toe
EHikEffector_RightToe RightToe EHikEffector_LeftFingerBase Left Finger Base EHikEffector_RightFingerBase Right Finger Base
EHikEffector_LeftHandThumb Left Hand Thumb EHikEffector_LeftHandIndex Left Hand Index EHikEffector_LeftHandMiddle Left Hand Middle
EHikEffector_LeftHandRing Left Hand Ring EHikEffector_LeftHandPinky Left Hand Pinky EHikEffector_LeftHandExtraFinger Left Hand Extra Finger
EHikEffector_RightHandThumb Right Hand Thumb EHikEffector_RightHandIndex Right Hand Index EHikEffector_RightHandMiddle Right Hand Middle
EHikEffector_RightHandRing Right Hand Ring EHikEffector_RightHandPinky Right Hand Pinky EHikEffector_RightHandExtraFinger Right Hand Extra Finger
EHikEffector_LeftFootThumb Left Foot Thumb EHikEffector_LeftFootIndex Left Foot Index EHikEffector_LeftFootMiddle Left Foot Middle
EHikEffector_LeftFootRing Left Foot Ring EHikEffector_LeftFootPinky Left Foot Pinky EHikEffector_LeftFootExtraFinger Left Foot Extra Finger
EHikEffector_RightFootThumb Right Foot Thumb EHikEffector_RightFootIndex Right Foot Index EHikEffector_RightFootMiddle Right Foot Middle
EHikEffector_RightFootRing Right Foot Ring EHikEffector_RightFootPinky Right Foot Pinky EHikEffector_RightFootExtraFinger Right Foot Extra Finger
EHikEffector_Quantity Quantity


Buttons options for RLPy.RUi.ShowMessageBox().

Python Enum Button Label Return Value Bit Integer Python Enum Button Label Return Value Bit Integer
EMsgButton_NoButton "OK" 0 0-bit (2^0) EMsgButton_Ok "OK" 1024 10-bit (2^10)
EMsgButton_Save "Save" 2048 11-bit (2^11) EMsgButton_SaveAll "Save All" 4096 12-bit (2^12)
EMsgButton_Open "Open" 8196 13-bit (2^13) EMsgButton_Yes "Yes" 16384 14-bit (2^14)
EMsgButton_YesToAll "Yes to All" 32768 15-bit (2^15) EMsgButton_No "No" 65536 16-bit (2^16)
EMsgButton_NoToAll "No to All" 131072 17-bit (2^17) EMsgButton_Abort "Abort" 262144 18-bit (2^18)
EMsgButton_Retry "Retry" 524288 19-bit (2^19) EMsgButton_Overlook "Ignore" 1048576 20-bit (2^20)
EMsgButton_Close "Close" 2097152 21-bit (2^21) EMsgButton_Cancel "Cancel" 4194304 22-bit (2^22)
EMsgButton_Discard "Discard" 8388608 23-bit (2^23) EMsgButton_Help "Help" 16777216 24-bit (2^24)
EMsgButton_Apply "Apply" 33554432 25-bit (2^25) EMsgButton_Reset "Reset" 67108864 26-bit (2^26)
EMsgButton_RestoreDefaults None 134217728 27-bit (2^27) EMsgButton_OkDontAskAgain Check Box 268435456 28-bit (2^28)


Mechanism for defining the transition style between two animation states.

Transition Type Description UI Name Transition Type Description UI Name
ETransitionType_Invalid Invalid ETransitionType__None None
ETransitionType_Linear Linear ETransitionType_Step Step
ETransitionType_Ease_Out Ease Out (adjustable) Decelerate ETransitionType_Ease_In Ease In (adjustable) Accelerate
ETransitionType_Ease_Out_In Ease Out_In (adjustable) Pause and Move ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out Ease In Out (adjustable) Smooth
ETransitionType_Ease_In_Sine Ease In Sine ETransitionType_Ease_Out_Sine Ease Out Sine
ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out_Sine Ease In Out Sine ETransitionType_Ease_In_Quad Ease In Quadratic
ETransitionType_Ease_Out_Quad Ease Out Quadratic ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out_Quad Ease In Out Quadratic
ETransitionType_Ease_In_Cubic Ease In Cubic ETransitionType_Ease_Out_Cubic Ease Out Cubic
ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out_Cubic Ease In Out Cubic ETransitionType_Ease_In_Quart Ease In Quartic
ETransitionType_Ease_Out_Quart Ease Out Quartic ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out_Quart Ease In Out Quartic
ETransitionType_Ease_In_Quint Ease In Quintic ETransitionType_Ease_Out_Quint Ease Out Quintic
ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out_Quint Ease In Out Quintic ETransitionType_Ease_In_Expo Ease In Exponential
ETransitionType_Ease_Out_Expo Ease Out Exponential ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out_Expo Ease In Out Exponential
ETransitionType_Ease_In_Circ Ease In Circular ETransitionType_Ease_Out_Circ Ease Out Circular
ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out_Circ Ease In Out Circular ETransitionType_Ease_In_Back Ease In Back Gain Momentum before Move
ETransitionType_Ease_Out_Back Ease Out Back Damping ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out_Back Ease In Out Back Gain Momentum and Damp
ETransitionType_Ease_In_Elastic Ease In Elastic Elastic Start and Sudden End ETransitionType_Ease_Out_Elastic Ease Out Elastic Sudden Start with Elastic End
ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out_Elastic Ease In Out Elastic Elastic Start and End ETransitionType_Ease_In_Bounce Ease In Bounce Stutter Start
ETransitionType_Ease_Out_Bounce Ease Out Bounce End in a Bounce ETransitionType_Ease_In_Out_Bounce Ease In Out Bounce Stuttering Start and End
ETransitionType_Last Last ETransitionType_Count Count