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Main article: Character Creator.

Introduction & Preparation

The following documents can help you to get started on the CC content creation process:

Resource Purpose Link
Avatar Morph Introduction Basic knowledge and concept of CC Content. CC Avatar Morph Introduction

Content Production

Resource Purpose Link
Morph Creation
(After 3.0)
Your guide to creating custom morphs for CC post version 3.0. CC Morph Creation 3.0
Instruction Videos Various videos to kick-start the production process. CC Process Videos
Learning Center Videos Various learning center videos related to avatar body creation.
Body Topology Guide
Suggestions and precautions for body mesh topology on the topic of structure, placement and edge-loops. CC Body Topology Guide

Submission & Publishing

Use the following resources to facilitate the submission process:

Resource Purpose Link
Publication Guide Everything you need to learn about, create, and publish your character morphs. CC Avatar Morph Submission
Commercialization Templates Download Reallusion Store's visual standard templates as references for your commercialization work.