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Detailed Description

This class is used for API level error handling. Most API methods return this class as a return value. The developer can query, clear, print the error code along with the error description.

status = RLPy.RGlobal.SetTime(RLPy.RTime(1000))

if status == RLPy.RStatus.Success:
print("sucess") # print sucess

if status:
print("sucess") # print sucess

if status.GetStatusCode() == RLPy.RStatus.Success:
print("sucess") # print sucess

print(status.IsError()) # print false

Constructor & Destructors


RLPy.RStatus.__init__ ( self, args )

The copy constructor of the class. Initialize a new RStatus object with the values from another RStatus object.


status [IN] The target RStatus object.

Member Functions


RLPy.RStatus.Clear ( self )

Clear error codes from the RStatus instance. After this call, it will behave as if it contained Success.


RLPy.RStatus.GetStatusCode ( self )

Retrieve the type of error that occurred, as specified in the RStatusCode enumeration.


The type of error that occurred - RLPy.RStatusCode


RLPy.RStatus.IsError ( self )

Determines whether there is an error.

Return Values

true An error has occurred.

false The operation was successful