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Main article: CC Content Development.

Introduction & Preparation

The following documents can help you to get started on the CC content creation process:

Resource Purpose Link
Avatar Morph Introduction Basic knowledge and concept of CC Content:
  • Morph Related Content Specification
  • Base vs Derivative Morph Sliders
  • Content Pricing
CC Avatar Morph Introduction


Resource Purpose Link
Morph Creation Post 3.0 Your guide to creating custom morphs for CC post version 3.0.
  • Resetting the Morphs
  • Adjusting in 3rd Party Application
  • Creating New Morph Sliders
CC Morph Creation 3.0
Morph Creation Prior 3.0 Your guide to creating custom morphs for CC prior to version 3.0.
  • Starting out
  • Creating the morph target
  • Common problems
CC Morph Creation
Morph Creation Videos Various videos to kickstart the production process.
  • Designing a Base Mesh for CC
  • Customizing a 3D Body in Zbrush & Blender
CC Process Videos
Face Topology Guide Suggestions and precautions for face mesh topology on the topic of structure, placement and edge-loops and edge-loops.
  • Major Regions
  • Symmetry
  • Optimizing the Model for Animation
CC Face Topology Guide
Body Topology Guide Suggestions and precautions for body mesh topology on the topic of structure, placement and edge-loops.
  • Major Features
  • Crucial Regions
  • Crucial Bends
CC Body Topology Guide
Avatar Head Presets Learn about the powerful Avatar Preset format that can be used to swap heads seamlessly between different body types.
  • Saving and Deploying Avatar Presets
  • Head and Body Color Blend
CC Avatar Head Preset
RTL System Learn to configure Avatars to look great under the Real-time lighting system.
  • RTL vs Standard Visuals
  • Key RTL Settings
CC RTL Character System

Submission & Publishing

Use the following resources to facilitate the submission process:

Resource Purpose Link
Publication Guide Everything you need to learn about, create, and publish your character morphs
  • Slider Thumbnail Templates
  • Converting to Sellable Format via Character Creator
  • Upload Content via Uploader
  • Selling on the Marketplace
  • End User Simulation
CC Avatar Morph Submission